Electrify America today announced the construction groundbreaking of charging stations in two new states: South Dakota and Wyoming. The new charging locations add to Electrify America’s more than 670 charging station locations in the U.S. 

The new stations are part of Electrify America’s overall expansion plans through 2025, during which the company expects to complete more than 1,800 charging stations with over 10,000 individual chargers in the United States and Canada.

Electrify America previously announced plans to have about 800 charging station locations with a total of approximately 3,500 individual chargers in the U.S. by the end of 2021. 

Electrify America maps

Each Electrify America charging station has between three and ten individual DC fast chargers to accommodate multiple vehicles charging at one time. The chargers utilize the fastest technology available today providing speeds of up to 150kW and 350kW. Electrify America's stations do not power-share, so the power delivery for one vehicle will not lower if someone else plugs into the station at the same location.

The locations of the two new states added:

  • South Dakota: Wall Conoco Gas Station - 311 South Blvd., Wall (two 150kW stations and two 350kW stations)
  • Wyoming: Smith’s Food and Drug - 906 Camel Drive, Gillette (two 150kW stations and two 350kW stations)

“More people are choosing electric vehicles for their daily transportation needs. At the same time, we are accelerating plans to more than double our current EV charging network by the end of 2025,” said Anthony Lambkin, Senior Director, Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Operations, Electrify America. “The new stations in South Dakota and Wyoming represent our commitment to build a robust national network of charging stations where EV drivers can go anywhere with confidence.”

As for site identification, Electrify America uses data, analytics, and customer insights to plan the most effective locations for new charging station sites. Electrify America tells us that each new site will be conveniently located near retail or dining amenities to ensure that customers can easily incorporate EV charging into their daily lives.

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