Tesla has reached today (October 22, 2021) a big milestone of 1,000 Supercharging stations installed in the Chinese mainland, including 100 in Shanghai (1,000+ stalls) and 100 in Hainan Province. The company celebrates the 1,000 mark with a special display.

The combined number of individual Supercharging stalls exceeds 7,600, which means that, on average, there are 7.6 stalls per one station.

Tesla celebrates 1,000 Supercharging stations in China - October 22, 2021
Tesla Supercharging station in China

Compared to the total number of more than 3,250 stations and over 29,250 stalls installed globally as of the end of Q3 2021, China contributes to almost a third of the network size.

It's share increases very quickly and is just behind North America. We guess that we might see at some point in the near future that there will be more Superchargers in China than in the U.S. According to the supercharge.info, there are 1,168 stations installed in the U.S.

CnEVPost reports that beside Superchargers, Tesla has installed in China more than 700 destination charging points (AC) with some 1,750 individual stalls.

For reference, NIO has almost 400 stations with some 2,400 stalls plus over 550 battery swap stations. Another Chinese start-up - XPeng - also expands its network, and as of May had more than 1,000 charging stations (AC and DC).

Tesla's Superchargers in the V3 version are able to provide up to 250 kW of power, which is one of the highest levels on the market. However, it's not the peak power, but the relatively wide availability of charging locations, integration with the navigation (and pre-heating feature to achieve full speed),simple plug and charge approach as well as high reliability that makes the network very successful.

It does not mean that Tesla has no areas for improvement, like addition of auxiliary features.

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