As Rivian is getting ready to deliver the first 300 electric vans to Amazon before the end of the year, new details about the battery-powered commercial vehicle have emerged in a VIN document filed with the NHTSA. 

Obtained by Rivian Owners Forum, the document reveals that the electric delivery vans will carry straightforward names like 700 Van and 500 Van. The number in the name designates each van’s cargo capacity, 700 cubic feet (19.8 cubic meters) and 500 cubic feet (14.1 cubic meters), respectively. 

We also learn from this VIN decoder that the Rivian 500 Van will be available in left- and right-hand drive configurations, which means it could be available in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, India and other RHD markets.

While not mentioned in this document, Rivian is expected to launch a 900 cubic foot (25.5 cubic meters) version at some point, and it’s reasonable to assume it will be called the 900 Van.

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Other important details we can pick out from this are the drivetrain options for the van. Rivian lists single-motor FWD, dual-motor FWD, and 2x single-motor AWD variants.

Interestingly, the document mentions van trims like S for Service and Z for Amazon, with the former possibly indicating that a version of the van will eventually become available for regular customers and not just the e-commerce giant. Should that be the case, the S model will likely feature a different design than the Z model.

You can check out the VIN decoder below, but note that the vans and the R1T pickup share the same sheet on the right, so not all the information is for the commercial vehicle. To see specific data for the vans, compare the right sheet with the R1T’s separate VIN sheet on the left.

According to the contract signed with Amazon, Rivian is expected to deliver 100,000 electric vans to the online retail giant by the end of 2025, the first 10,000 of which by the end of 2022. Volume production is expected to begin in December 2021 at Rivian’s plant in Normal, Illinois.



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