The Tesla Model Y hasn’t gone into production in Germany yet, but there are already Model Ys in the country and around Europe. Official deliveries of the model on the Old Continent only started this summer, so the Model Y is not a particularly common sight yet.

Kris Rifa drove a Model Y Long Range from Norway (one of the first countries where the vehicle was delivered) to Germany and while he was there, he also took it on the autobahn to do some high-speed testing. Before he got there, though, he drove the vehicle on a bumpier road and this highlighted the Model Y’s quite hard ride (even on aftermarket 18-inch wheels).

Once speed increases, though, the vehicle feels more settled and seems very at home traveling at typical autobahn speeds, although Kris points out hat over some rougher sections, it’s still bumper than a comparable German car. It has no problem accelerating to its top speed of 217 km/h (135 mph) and once it reaches its top speed, the power usage bar drops to 60 percent, suggesting that the vehicle actually has a lot more to give at the top end.

The Model Y Long Range has a dual-motor setup producing 351 horsepower, good enough to sprint to sixty in 4.8 seconds. The more powerful Performance version has 462 horsepower, the sprint time drops to 3.5 seconds and top speed goes up to 249 km/h (154 mph).

Kris also mentions just how quick the Model Y’s steering is and suggests that it might be a bit too quick for some people who don’t want sportiness and would prefer a more relaxed driving experience. Staying on track at high speed requires more concentration specifically because of the sharp steering, as he explains more in his video.

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