On October 11, 2021, XPeng reached a major milestone of producing 100,000 electric cars. The jubilee EV happens to be the XPeng P7.

The Chinese manufacturer is currently in a phase of very fast growth. Its sales recently exceeded - for the very first time - 10,000 units in a single month, including over 7,500 P7 and over 2,600 XPeng G3.

"Today, we reached a new milestone with the 100,000th XPeng vehicle rolled off the production line. Today also marks a new chapter of our shared journey to explore smarter, greener, safer and more sustainable mobility solutions. #GoElectric #Substainability"

With the third model - XPeng P5 - joining the lineup, as well as expansion to Europe (initially starting in Norway), the company should continue to increase the volume at a fast rate.


Most of the first 100,000 XPeng electric cars (close to 60,000 P7) were produced at the XPeng Zhaoqing Smart EV Manufacturing Base, located in Guangdong Province.

This site (launched in May 2020) is undergoing expansion to double the manufacturing capacity from 100,000 units per year to 200,000 per year. The G3 model was initially produced by Haima Motor, but this contract ends with the end of 2021.

In 2022, XPeng is expected to launch its second EV manufacturing plant - in Guangzhou. The company has also announced a third plant in Wuhan (the project has just been launched) with an annual output of 100,000 EVs annually.

The total output of the three plants might reach 400,000 units annually. According to some rumors, a fourth site in Chengdu might be added at some point in the future.

We assume that the investments in the new production lines are directly correlated with the launch of multiple new models and ambitions to expand beyond China on a bigger scale.

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