JD Power recently published the results of its latest 2021 US Tech Experience Index (TXI) study. For those unaware, JD Power's studies rely on information from surveys completed by vehicle owners. While Genesis ranked the highest in the premium section and overall, Tesla earned a higher score than any other brand, and by a notable margin.

JD Power measures the study on a 1,000-point scale. It covers 36 technologies, which are broken down into four categories:  convenience, emerging automation, energy and sustainability, and infotainment and connectivity.

The TXI study was based on survey responses from a total of 110,287 car owners. All owners reported on new 2021 vehicles.

Genesis scores a total of 634 points, followed by Cadillac (551), Volvo (550), BMW (545), and Mercedes-Benz (523). Interestingly, the highest-ranking mass-market brand was Hyundai, which is Genesis' parent company. Hyundai earned a total of 519 points, followed by its corporate cousin Kia, with 510. The only other automaker to score above 500 points was Nissan, at 502. It's nice to see brands like Genesis and Hyundai topping in their segments since these brands are moving forward with electrification more quickly than rivals.


Meanwhile, Tesla scored an impressive 668 points, which is a big step above any other brand on the list. However, as you may be aware, Tesla doesn't provide JD Power permission to survey owners of its vehicles in 15 states, so the data is based on 35 states instead of 50. For this reason, the organization can't rank Tesla fairly.

The study provided a few key takeaways, which are explained in much more detail in a follow-up article that came to us directly from JD Power. However, according to Automotive News, the study reveals:

"For more than 1 in 3 advanced technologies, less than half of owners have used such technology in the first 90 days of ownership, according to the index."

Features like in-vehicle market technology and driver-passenger communication systems weren't used by a majority of owners. Survey respondents also noted that they typically opt for cameras and they don't appreciate gesture controls. JD Power's Kristin Kolodge shared:

"New-vehicle prices are at an all-time high, partly as a result of an increased level of content. This is fine if owners are getting value for their money, but some features seem like a waste to many owners."

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