Now that Tesla has decided to expand its population of Full Self-Driving Beta testers, many FSD subscribers are wondering what does it take to be granted access to the program.

Recently, Elon Musk shed some light on this issue after one Twitter follower asked him how Tesla will deploy FSD Beta to subscribers. The answer was pretty straightforward.

“Beta button will request permission to assess driving behavior using Tesla insurance calculator. If driving behavior is good for seven days, Tesla will grant beta access.”


All you have to do to get Full Self-Driving Beta is press the Beta button (available from Version 10.1) and then drive safely for a week. During that time, Tesla will have access to telemetry data and use its driving behavior calculator to determine if the driver is “good” before pushing the FSD Beta.

In development for some time, the Beta button was set to be released earlier this year. However, Tesla decided to keep the Beta test group small to improve safety. 

Now that FSD Beta has moved to the more robust and accurate Version 10, it is time to accept more testers into the program, providing Tesla more data for future updates.

In another tweet, the Tesla CEO also mentioned that Version 10.1 of the FSD Beta would roll out on September 24 “with beta request option.


Tesla assessing driver performance to decide whether a user is eligible for FSD Beta reminds of programs that some insurance groups operate. But what happens if your driving behavior is not good after getting accepted into the program? Elon Musk did not say.

Compared to the Version 10 update released September 10, Tesla FSD Beta 10.1 will be slightly improved. According to Musk, besides the Beta download button, the new version would activate reverse maneuvers if it senses danger is nearby.

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