Elon Musk’s announcement that Tesla would be rolling out version 10 of its Full Self-Driving software seems to have been accurate, a version the Tesla CEO calls ‘mind-blowing’ for the improvements it brings. It’s still not available for regular Tesla drivers, only those who are official beta testers, but Musk did promise that version 10 was probably going to spawn a public release version soon (according to Musk, it's around two weeks away).

Until then, we can check out FSD V10 in action, in the hands of testers with YouTube channels. They are reporting that the system is better than before, particularly when it comes to decision making and they also noticed the updated self-driving graphics when the car is in autonomous mode.


These early testers haven’t followed suit and called V10 mind-blowing (yet), but they’ve also not had that much time to test it, given the fact that it was just pushed to testers late on Friday, September 10. We have found a few videos uploaded by testers and they show the car driving itself very smoothly and reassuringly, but we want to watch more of these videos (we've added some below) in order to get a better picture of how the update changes the experience.

Regarding the public release of FSD, if things go according to plan, it should now be just weeks away, especially if this new version proves to be as mind-blowing as Musk is claiming it is. It really does look like it’s better than V9 of the system and you can, for instance, really notice that is much smoother and more reassuring when driving down twisty Lombard Street in San Francisco - Teslas on FSD have previously navigated it, but it was never as relaxed as in this new video.


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