Automotive News strongly encourages General Motors to do the right thing related to the Chevrolet Bolt EV and Bolt EUV recall. The publication says it's time for the automaker to replace Bolt batteries with the new Ultium technology.

We recently shared an op-ed asking you to put the Bolt recall into perspective. We thought it was very well written, and we agree with it. However, that doesn't mean GM doesn't have a huge problem to solve. Not only are Bolt owners upset and potentially in harm's way, but the company's reputation is at stake.

We could talk about the fact that GM scrapped and destroyed the EV1, or that it discontinued one of the best plug-ins of all time, the Chevrolet Volt. Automotive News mentions the Saturn debacle related to engine coolant, and there are certainly other parts of GM's history it probably wishes people could forget, which can be said about virtually every company on the planet.

Today, we continue to hear that GM is working nonstop with LG Chem to get the bolt battery fire situation resolved. The automaker will replace the battery pack in every Bolt EV and EUV ever built. Meanwhile, owners must not charge their cars unattended, they can't park them near structures or other cars, and some can't drive them at all due to their individual charging situation.

Remember, GM already "found the problem" and initiated a "fix," but it didn't work. Who's to say that LG Chem can guarantee with 100-percent certainty that this will never happen again after the battery pack replacements? GM says it's leaning on LG Chem to assure that the packs are safe before moving forward, but perhaps there's a better, safer solution.

GM has been touting its in-house Ultium battery technology for some time now. The automaker's next-gen electric vehicles are supposed to use the new batteries, so why not put them in every Bolt ever produced?

Not only would this be a solid solution, but it would also help GM rebuild trust. As the company releases its next-gen EVs – assuming it replaced Bolt batteries with Ultium and all went well – people may not be concerned about buying a future GM EV. What a fantastic way to prove its future battery technology.

Clearly, there would likely be many roadblocks and delays if GM were to choose this path, and it would be ridiculously expensive, but there are already many roadblocks and delays. With each day that passes, the situation is getting worse. Head down to the comment section and let us know what you think about this suggestion.

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