We can arguably say that GM is taking the necessary precautions to try to keep people safe. It has recalled every single Bolt EV and Bolt EUV ever built. With the recall, the cars' battery packs will be replaced, they will get more range, and the warranty will start fresh.

Added to this, GM has issued several instructions to help Bolt owners assure that they don't end up hurt or killed, and, moreover, that others aren't put in potentially dangerous situations. We've also heard that GM will supply a loaner and cover gasoline purchases for Bolt owners, though we've read in several forums that getting the loaner and the gas paid for has been a huge chore.

Now, GM has asked all Bolt owners to be sure to park on the top level of parking decks, at least 50 feet away from all other cars. Sure, this is a huge inconvenience, but that's not the biggest issue. Rather, it will prove impossible in many situations. Imagine telling a parking attendant you need a spot on the top deck, far away from other cars because your car may catch fire?

According to GM via Reuters, the new safety instructions should work to:

"... reduce potential damage to structures and nearby vehicles in the rare event of a potential fire."

GM had already issued an instruction to Bolt owners asking them to park their vehicles outdoors, to be sure they're not near any structures, and to refrain from charging overnight or while the car is unattended.

Many folks are arguing that it's time for GM to buy back every Bolt it ever produced. People can only be inconvenienced and potentially be put in harm's way for so long before it becomes clear that there has to be another way to go about this.

We are members of the Chevy Bolt EV and EUV Owners Group on Facebook, and we felt compelled to share a recent post by user Joe Galliani (inappropriate word removed):

"I will be invoicing GM for the added cost to charge during daytime hours due to their massive QC fail. I will also be billing them for a new premium car cover. They will pay. Just as they paid to replace the battery in my 2017, just as they then paid me $38k to buyback my 2017 and then paid the price to drastically discount a new 2021 Premier for $28k. Just as they will now pay to replace my already new battery. GM may not know how to be a legitimate transparent electric car company - but they sure as **** know how to pay me, and pony up they shall. And for those of you calling for only positive happy posts - I am positive they will pay and I am very happy about it! Feel free to BOHICA - if you’re wired that way."

Needless to say, Joe has come under much scrutiny from other Bolt owners due to his words. However, it paints a picture of exactly what these owners are up against. As always, head down to the comment section and let us know your thoughts on this matter.

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