As Porsche’s first all-electric model of the modern era, the Taycan clearly stands out in the brand’s current lineup.

However, some people would like a more motorsport-inspired design on their Taycan, and that’s where tuning firm RevoZport comes in with its two new radical body kits.

The Hong Kong-based company previews the Taycan GTZ and Taycan Revoluzione kits that seem to give Porsche’s EV a much more daring attitude to match its insane performance (at least in Turbo and Turbo S trims).

Starting with the GTZ pack, RevoZport dubs it “the GT3 RS version of the Taycan,” and it does have a point here. The Taycan GTZ aerokit features a swan-neck GT spoiler inspired by the 992 GT3 and a massive rear diffuser valance similar to the 918 Spyder.

Gallery: Porsche Taycan Revoluzione and GTZ by RevoZport

At the front, there’s a sharp splitter, side blades, and bumper canards, and you can have it with optional 22-inch turbine wheels. The pack also includes side skirts and rear bumper skirts. Upgrading your Taycan with this pack consisting of carbon fiber parts will set you back $15,000.

At $12,000, the Revoluzione kit is a bit more affordable but also less extreme. It features the same front splitter but with smaller side blades, the same canards and side skirts, as well as the same rear wing. The big change at the rear is the more restrained diffuser that doesn’t extend blades to the sides. All the parts are made from carbon fiber as well.

In both cases, RevoZport claims that the aero enhancements provide extra downforce with balanced front and rear distribution. However, the Revoluzione’s less aggressive aero is said to avoid “compromising range from too much downforce weight.

That’s an indirect way of saying that the GTZ kit does affect range quite a bit, although the company does not provide an estimate.

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