After the initial quick look and the banana box test, Bjørn Nyland moved to the review of the interior of the Made-in-China (MIC) Tesla Model Y Long Range All-Wheel Drive recently delivered in Norway.

We already saw the first impression with Autogefühl, but as thousands of customers are curious about the first Model Y in Europe, let's see more findings from an experienced EV enthusiast.

The first thing shown in the video is a big front trunk (frunk) and also a very big trunk with some additional pockets. Also, the passenger compartment is very spacious, including plenty of space for feet in the rear and headroom in the front. The rear seats recline a bit, however, it might affect headroom.

Aside from the much improved exterior quality (aka panel gaps and paint), Bjørn Nyland notes much better and nicer materials in many places inside the MIC Model Y.

Especially in the front, the seat position is slightly higher compared to the Model 3, but overall, the interior is very similar to the Model 3. Seats are considered very comfortable, just like in the Model 3.

The very white trim (associated with the white seat option) might be distracting for the driver, according to Bjørn Nyland, but overall, the interior layout is very good with many smart solutions, like the center console, two spaces for wireless phone charging, and of course Tesla's outstanding infotainment screen.

The Model Y might not be the best-looking electric car on the market, but the Tesla package is very compelling, including competitive pricing, long range and high efficiency, as well as access to an outstanding fast-charging infrastructure.

Soon we will see more EV-related tests, including the range test, fast charging test, and 1,000 km challenge test that will give us the answer as to how good the car is compared with many other new crossover/SUVs in Europe.

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