Lucid Motors today announced that reservation holders for the limited-run Lucid Air Dream Edition will be offered the vehicle in two distinct versions – the Dream Edition Performance and the Dream Edition Range. Each version aims to highlight a different facet of the highly-anticipated electric luxury sedan.  

We don't see the differences as being very big, but it is nice to offer customization choices, especially on such an expensive car. It's actually more like the range version is the standard Dream Edition, but customers have the option to get a no-cost Performance package that sacrifices a little range if they choose to. 

Lucid Dream Edition Range badge amination:

And here we have the Lucid Dream Edition Performance badge amination:

Lucid announced that it will be contacting Dream Edition reservation holders soon to update their configuration with their preferred version, both of which remain at the fully-equipped price of $169,000 ($161,500 after potential $7,500 US electric vehicle tax credit).

“As a technology company, we seek to exceed expectations and this is clearly evident with our Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance and Range variants,” said Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO, Lucid Group. “I’m delighted to provide our Dream Edition customers with this additional choice and breadth of capabilities.”

The Dream Edition Performance will feature a powertrain optimized for speed and acceleration, and boast a 1,111 hp powertrain. The Dream Edition Range will focus on maximizing the driving range and "only" have 933 hp. The Performance version will get to 60-mph in 2.5 seconds, .2 seconds faster than the Range version is capable of achieving.  

  Dream Performance Dream Range
Motors Dual Motors, AWD Dual Motors, AWD
Power (Total) 1,111 HP 933 HP

Torque (total)

1000+ Nm 1000+ Nm
0-60 mph 2.5 Seconds 2.7 Seconds
Top Speed 168-mph 168-mph

Specially developed Pirelli P-Zero: 245/35 21” (F) and 265/35 21” (R)

19” optional

Specially developed Pirelli P-Zero:  245/45 19” (F&R)

21” optional

System Voltage 924-Volts 924-Volts

Neither vehicle has completed EPA range certification testing, but Lucid recently completed a real-world evaluation drive with Motor Trend. During the drive, a pair of Dream Edition Range cars drove from Los Angeles to San Francisco at highway speeds via central California, and then back across the San Francisco Bay to Lucid’s global headquarters.

The two vehicles traveling 445 miles without the need to stop and recharge. When they arrived at Lucid Headquarters one vehicle showed an estimated 30 miles remaining, and the other and 72. Adding the remaining miles the total ranges for the two vehicles are 475 and 517 miles. 

Lucid has previously stated that they expect the Air Dream Edition to have a 503-mile EPA range rating. That estimate was including the 19-inch Aero Range wheels, though, which are optional.

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