Lucid has already missed its target for the start of Air sedan deliveries, which were expected to commence in spring 2021. But now that it has not met that deadline and not announced any new clear date, those who reserved the Air are still waiting for confirmation and they don’t really know when they’ll be able to take delivery of their vehicles.

The first vehicles to be delivered are the Air Dream Edition models and the people who reserved those just got an email announcing them to

Get ready to confirm your Dream Edition. 

It's nearly time to confirm your order.

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Daily Lucid broke the news about this email sent to reservation holders and it has two theories as to why the vehicle was delayed and no clear date has been set since. The first regards the crash testing program for the Air, pointing to an investor call on July 13 (just over a month ago) when the company announced it was still crash testing production models in order to obtain safety approval.

The other theory, based on information from the same investor call, suggested that the EPA was still range testing the Air. Lucid expects the air to achieve a maximum EPA range on one charge of 517 miles (832 km), making it the first electric vehicle in history to break the 500-mile (as well as the 800 km) mark.

The source suggests that based on the timing of the email, it would not be out of the question to see deliveries actually starting in September.

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