After a previous rendering whose aim was to preview the upcoming fully-electric Kia EV7 SUV, we’re featuring another, this time higher quality and more detailed image. Just like the previous one, it is mainly based on the teaser that Kia has already shown and it features design elements borrowed from the EV6 that was revealed a few months ago.

So what is the EV7? Well, think of it as the fully-electric equivalent of the Sorento SUV. It’s roughly the same size, and even though it’s an EV, Kia decided to keep the front section similar in proportion to the Sorento - it doesn’t really look like an electric SUV.

In this new rendering, courtesy of, we’re shown a very squared off and upright vehicle. The teaser it’s based on doesn’t really show the front fascia in any kind of detail, so the placement of the light clusters, the faux grille and air intakes is completely based on what idea the artist had at the time.

Kia EV7/EV8 Three-Row Mid-Size Electric SUV Official Teaser Image

It’s clear that Kia wants the vehicle to look more like an off-roader, so it has a distinctly upright look and what looks like very good ground clearance. We say this rendering is our best look at it yet, even if there is a strong chance the production vehicle’s fascia will be completely different - we’re not really sure Kia will reinterpret the EV6’s style or if this vehicle will be made to look more conventional and in-line with its ICE models.

We’re still over a year away from seeing it fully revealed, though. The three-row EV7, which is based on the same E-GMP platform as the smaller more road-focused EV6, is expected to be shown to the public sometime in the latter part of 2023 and go on sale in 2024. It won't be the biggest electric Kia, though, since the manufacturer trademarked model names all the way up to EV9.

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