Most automakers are now in a process of turning themselves into mobility providers. This basically means they no longer just sell cars, but they also provide a series of transport alternatives for customers (anything from ride sharing/hailing to electric scooters), and one of the industry’s biggest names, Volkswagen, is also pushing to change.

VW has more reasons than other automakers to want to change and improve its image, after the Dieselgate scandal that has had a major negative impact on how the brand is perceived. It now wants to be known as one of the world’s most forward-thinking automakers, one that is embracing electrification at an accelerated rate compared to the industry average.

But now it wants to do even more, so it recently created an executive position called Chief Experience Officer and appointed Markus Kleimann. The goal is to be the very best automaker/mobility provider on the market, and Kleinmann has been tasked with creating a more intuitive interface for customers, as well as the ability to better predict trends.

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VW brand CEO Ralf Brandstaetter explains that

Now more than ever before, an integrated customer experience and the rapid implementation of customers' requirements have become a key differentiating factor. Volkswagen is evolving into a customer-centric tech company. With our ACCELERATE strategy, we have aligned our processes even more strongly with our customers’ needs – from the early development of our vehicles, through the configuration and purchase of a car and our digital service offering, to workshop visits.

Markus Kleimann, who is a veteran at Volkswagen, who previously headed VW do Brasil, added that

For us, an integrated customer experience means utilizing customer feedback in the further development of our products and services. It is especially important to make our services intuitive to use, to integrate them into our customers’ lives and experience, and to forecast new developments.

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