Tesla's upcoming Texas Gigafactory, known to many as Giga Austin, isn't yet completed. However, it has been amazing to watch the factory's quick progress. Somewhat recently, Tesla starting casting Model Y parts at the factory, as well as testing robots. Now, a full Model Y bare body was spotted at the factory site.

If it wasn't for Joe Tegtmeyer and his excellent drone operating skills, we wouldn't have all of this incredible footage from Giga Austin. As usual, there is plenty of interesting footage in the video above, which was filmed on June 14, 2021, but the Model Y body is certainly the highlight. Scroll to the 9:05-mark in the video above to see the footage for yourself.

tesla model y body spotted tesla texas gigafactory

It seems Tesla may be able to start production at its Texas Gigafactory sooner rather than later. However, sadly, that doesn't seem to be the story at the automaker's upcoming location in Berlin. Either way, we'll have to wait and see. A whole lot can happen over a short period of time, so we have no way of knowing when either factory will officially begin production.

What we do know is that the Texas factory already has the ability to perform Model Y megacastings. And, while we've seen a brief clip of the assembly line robots in action, we haven't seen them building a car yet. However, if Tegtmeyer's analysis is correct here, Tesla likely built the Model Y body as part of its testing process. Joe writes:

"Model Y bare body spotted inside the General Assembly building … this is likely a test body used to ensure proper installation, testing and calibration of the General Assembly conveyor line, machines and robotic assemblers."

For those unaware, Giga Austin will begin its operations building only the Tesla Model Y. What's more, it will be an updated version of the crossover that's built using the IDRA Giga Press.

Joe says the factory looks about half completed, but he also says Model Y production at the factory is expected to begin before the entire project is completed. Tesla likely only needs one single and massive section completed to begin rolling out cars.

If you visit Joe's video on YouTube, there's a detailed write-up of everything he observed during the recent drone flyover. It's definitely worth reading.

Then, let us know when you expect Giga Austin to start producing cars. Drop us a comment with your estimate.

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