If you’re a GMC Hummer EV fan (and you may or may not have already ordered one), then maybe you should also consider supporting this Lego interpretation of it on the Lego Ideas platform. It’s the place where people propose different projects, and if they get enough love from the community, Lego turns them into official models that you can buy.

We think this project by technic-Al is great not only because it perfectly captures the upcoming electric Hummer’s look, but some of its key features as well. Firstly, it has a fully detailed exterior that leaves you in do doubt as to what you’re looking at - this a great miniature that also features a tonneau cover for the bed, opening doors and a front trunk too.

Gallery: Lego GMC Hummer EV

The interior is also pretty detailed, although not quite to the same extent as the exterior. But it too is an admirable effort, given the limitations of building out of Lego pieces. However, probably the most interesting features have the be the fully-working steering and suspension.

You can raise and lower the vehicle’s suspension just like you would in the real thing (electrically, via the model’s on-board motor) and its creator even went to the trouble of enabling Crab Walk mode. This is when the front and rear wheels turn the same way, enabling the vehicle to literally crab walk and possibly get itself out of difficult situations off-road.

If it does make it past the idea stage and it becomes an official Lego kit, it won’t be particularly cheap. It’s made up of around 2,200 parts, it requires 1 Powered Up hub, 4 hub motors - if all of that is included in the kit, then it will probably cost around $300.

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