Radio controlled model cars are a great hobby as they not only provide fun when you actually get to drive your miniature vehicle, but they also teach you about how cars work when you inevitably take them apart for repairs after a crash. Some are also really quick, although you would think they couldn’t possibly rival the world’s fastest accelerating car, the upcoming Tesla Roadster, right?

Well, the YouTuber who created an electric RC car to make it accelerate quicker than anything on four wheels, Engineering After Hours, would beg to differ. He created a fully-electric fan car (the fans are the kind that help it stick to the ground and not fly into the air at high speed; they create downforce) and he says it is quicker than the Roadster’s already bonkers acceleration claims.

It was by no means an easy task, though, and he ended up breaking many parts before perfecting the final successful design. One of the biggest challenges was getting enough traction, which is why the car has the fan system that keeps it glued to the ground, thanks to the 19 pounds of downforce they generate (that’s twice the weight of the car).

So what results did this ingenious all-wheel drive electric RC car achieve? Well, during the first runs, dipping below 2 seconds to 60 mph was not easy, but with some tuning, times quickly dropped and the best run was apparently under 1.5 seconds (1.460, to be precise), after the rollout time as factored in.

And it apparently has more to give, but no quicker run was shown in the video. Now sure, this is still a few tenths off what Tesla claims its Roadster will be able to achieve with the optional cold air thrusters, but it is still quicker than it without the thrusters. The Roadster’s claimed time to sixty is 1.9 seconds in stock tri-motor form, so the RC car would be quicker than it.

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