The Renault Kangoo is one of Europe’s most common small commercial vehicles, but it is actually even more common than you may have known. Its underpinnings are actually used in the Mercedes-Benz Citan and in the near future they will be re-used as the basis for the upcoming T-Class, which in turn will spawn an all-electric version called the EQT.

The EQT was recently shown in concept form, but the press release confirmed that it just previewed a series model that would be shown in the near future. It will be a smaller alternative to the EQV, a more compact commercial vehicle-based EV designed to carry passengers with no tailpipe emissions.

Taking one look at the EQT concept, it’s pretty clear that the front fascia will change a lot for production. The basic shape of the faux grille and the headlights will remain the same, but they will be toned down and adapted to make them feasible for a series model. The rest of the exterior, though, will be basically unchanged, as you can see in this believable rendering by ElectricVehicleWeb from India.

And the same goes for the interior. The EQT concept’s interior is clearly the production vehicle’s interior, complete with climate controls borrowed from Renaults, giving away this car’s French van roots.

What we don’t know about the EQT at the moment is how big its battery pack will be and what kind of range we can expect from it. Renault does currently sell BEV version of the Kangoo, called the Kangoo E-Tech, but that has quite a small battery pack (recently increased from 33 kWh to 44 kWh) and a WLTP range rating of 265 km (165 miles).

It’s not clear where Mercedes will sell the EQT either. The larger EQV isn’t available in the United States, and there’s a chance the EQT will also be a Europe-only affair. However, it will still be an attractive buy for taxi companies and families looking for the most room available in an EV.

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