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Number Of CCS Combo DC Fast Chargers In Europe Hits 4,000

Europe begins the year 2018 with some 4,000 CCS Combo DC fast chargers – around 3,800 were installed in three and a half years, since its mid-2014 introduction. New installations are acceleratingm as in 2017 1,250 new chargers were installed, which means infrastructure expansion of more than 45% year-over-year. The growth and…

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ABB Charges Up Bulgaria With Network Of Fast Chargers

eMobility International (a company that creates, maintains and operates charging infrastructure) is expanding its nationwide fast charging network in Bulgaria using 50 kW multi-standard fast chargers supplied by ABB. According to the infographic, 15 Terra 53 CJG are already installed and a further 15 are to be installed by the…

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Tesla Opens Up Semi Orders In Europe, Orders Coming In

Tesla opened Semi reservations book for Europe or for at least three countries – Netherlands, Norway and the UK. First customers didn’t wait long to place reservations. Norwegian company Asko booked 10, but said it will need to know more about the truck prior to completing its order. In the…

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