Just the other day, we shared a very short video with you showcasing the upcoming GMC Hummer EV. A fleet of the all-electric pickup trucks was out doing some rigorous off-road testing in Moab, Utah, an extreme landscape that will surely take a toll on just about any vehicle.

You may remember, when GM first unveiled the Hummer EV, we saw it tackling all sorts of tough terrain in a spectacular video. However, it was later learned that much of that footage may have either been CGI and/or trucks that either weren't fully capable or fully electrified. At this point, it makes no difference since GMC has joined the likes of Rivian in releasing regular footage of its upcoming EVs partaking in some difficult journeys.

Now, GMC has released another brief video showing some highlights from what it calls, "Round Two." In this video, we get to see the GMC Hummer EV on GMC's Supertruck Testing Tour. The automaker says the all-electric pickup truck "dominated the desert proving ground of Yuma, AZ, and the extreme landscape of Moab, UT, pushing all-electric capability to the max."

Interestingly, the video is entitled "GMC HUMMER EV SUV | Supertruck Testing Tour: Desert Domination | GMC." We were excited to see the SUV version out testing since we just saw the Hummer EV pickup truck working its magic the other day. However, unless we're missing something here, it seems the title is incorrect, as the video features the pickup truck.

At any rate, it's still amazing to watch the Hummer EV out testing in such conditions. GMC says to stay tuned for more, so perhaps there's a longer video coming, as well as some actual Hummer EV SUV footage.

According to GMC, the Hummer EV will be available this coming fall.

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