US President Joe Biden is pushing for a $174 billion proposal to boost electric vehicle adoption and improve the nation’s charging infrastructure. The President plans to visit and promote the plan at a Ford EV assembly plant in Michigan the day before the Blue Oval unveils its all-electric F-150 Lightning truck on May 19th. 

Biden will be visiting Ford’s Rouge EV Complex in Dearborn where the Lightning will be made, and will likely see the electric truck before we do. 

Part of Biden’s $174 billion EV boost includes $100 billion in new consumer incentives. The federal consumer EV tax incentive of $7,500 could be raised to $10,000, and Tesla and GM EVs, which currently don’t qualify for the federal tax incentive anymore, could get them back

In addition to the President’s proposal, many governors and lawmakers are urging Biden to pass legislation that bans the sales of new gas-powered passenger cars by 2035 — something he hasn’t signaled he would do. 

The United Auto Workers (UAW) doesn’t want Biden to set a date on banning gas car sales because the labor union feels that could threaten the jobs of its autoworkers. If Biden’s EV proposal happens, the UAW wants the incentives limited to US-built EVs

Last month, The UAW and Michigan lawmakers criticized GM when the company announced that it plans to invest $1 billion in Mexico for EV production that starts in 2023. Although, GM says that it has announced "9,000 jobs and more than $9 billion in new U.S. electric vehicle or battery cell manufacturing facilities."

GM hasn’t been the only automaker taking criticism from the UAW. Ford announced in March that it plans to build another EV in Cuautitlan, Mexico (where the Mustang Mach-E is built) instead of its plant in Ohio. 

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