According to a recent report from CarsDirect, the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E sees a price increase of as much as $600. The information came from a dealer guide and was later confirmed by a Ford spokesperson. In addition, the price increase will bring Ford's BlueCruise hands-free driving technology.

As much as legacy OEMs have noted flaws with Tesla's pricing strategies, it seems they may have to follow suit in the future. As new EVs come to market, some have over-the-air update capability. In addition, the government is attempting to rework EV incentives. These are just a few reasons that pricing will likely have to become more flexible going forward.

The article points out that that the base Mach-E select will keep the same $43,995 MSRP, including destination. However, most other trims see a $600 price bump. CarsDirect provided the following pricing update, which it says went into place last Monday:

Mach-E Premium Standard Range (RWD): $48,700 (up from $48,100)
Mach-E Premium Standard Range (AWD): $51,400 (up from $50,800)
Mach-E California Route 1 Extended Range (RWD): $51,500 (up from $50,900)
Mach-E Premium First Edition (AWD): $60,000 (up from $59,400)

Ford spokesperson Emma Berg, in an email directly to CarsDirect, confirmed the above pricing. A portion of the email reads, according to CarsDirect:

"For premium, California Route 1 and Select with the Comfort/Tech package BlueCruise hands-free driving feature includes software loaded at time of manufacturing. This accounts for a $600 increase in pricing..."

Ford's BlueCruise, much like GM's Super Cruise, is a hands-free driving assistant that can be used on select highways. The Mach-E will be one of the first Ford cars to get the tech, along with the F-150.

CarsDirect notes that a $600 price increase isn't likely to turn buyers away. However, it also reminds us that Ford isn't willing to pass the $7,500 EV federal tax credit to Mach-E shoppers who decide to lease.

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