Here is a very interesting video about BYD's manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China and electric vehicle lineup, starting from cars, through trucks and buses, and even monorail trains.

Fully Charged describes this episode as "mind-blowing" and we totally agree. You have to see it to understand how amazing BYD is in terms of technology and overall products.

The Chinese manufacturers are pushing forward very hard and there are already tons of things which they are better at than global competitors.

"What BYD have achieved in the last few years is simply staggering - from batteries and solar panels to a full suite of electric vehicles including cars, trucks, taxis and buses. As well as a tour of the factory, Elliot took the BYD Han and the Tang cars for a drive, checked out the D1 taxi and rode a couple of their electric buses.

With the factory currently producing 400 cars a day, we are pretty excited to see what BYD will do next!"

In the beginning, we can see the battery test demonstration, as well as an example of BYD's Blade Battery cell (LFP chemistry, ready for cell-to-pack use). The one shown in the video has a capacity of 138.5 Ah and total energy of 440 Wh (nominal voltage is around 3.2 V).

Then we can also see the EV platform - dual-motor all-wheel drive with Blade Battery. It's used in the BYD Han model. Let's recall that BYD already has a new, even more integrated platform, recently shown at the 2021 Auto Shanghai.

The next part is the assembly line of the BYD Han model and BYD Tang model.

Outside, an entire lineup of BYD vehicles was waiting for presentations and test drives and Fully Charged tested a bunch of them.

The Han model - one of the latest in BYD lineup - is not only a looker, it's also delivering impressive driving experience.

Other vehicles checked at the site were: the BYD D1 for ride-hailing, T5 electric truck, the great-looking BYD Tang, which by the way is coming to Norway soon, as well as double-decker and standard electric buses.

A truly mind-blowing tour that shows us that despite the slowdown (since mid-2019 and through 2020), BYD is a strong player in the EV world. Even Toyota is partnering with BYD on some EV tech.

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