The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E has been in production for several months now, but the EV's most powerful and most expensive version is still missing. Fortunately, that won't be the case much longer. An email sent to Ford dealers confirming the Mustang Mach-E GT's order date was posted to the Mach-E Club forum by the site's administrator. 

Part of the email states:

Hello EV Leads and Dealer Principals, The 2021 Mustang Mach-E Job 2 (including Mustang Mach-E GT) order bank, order guide, and price list will launch on the afternoon of Monday, April 26th*. Customers will be invited to convert Mustang Mach-E GT Reservations on April 28th. 

*For Mustang Mach-E GT Reservation customers: Some customers may believe that they can ensure an earlier build date by placing a new retail order and canceling their reservation. This is not true. New retail GT orders will likely be scheduled into the ‘22MY. The best way for customers to get their vehicle as soon as possible is to follow the intended reservation-to-order process.

Reservations for the Mach-E GT have been open and still are through Ford's Order site. According to the email, reservation holders can officially order their Mach-E GT on April 28th. If you want a GT and don't have a reservation, you should be able to order one directly through Ford starting on the 28th. Current reservations holders should make sure to read the above asterisk in case they think they can get one sooner by placing a new order. 

Ford's website says Mach-E GT availability starts in late Summer, so it appears reservation holders will have to wait a few months for delivery. 

Unlike the other models, the Mach-E GT is only available with the larger 88-kWh battery pack and all-wheel drive. The most powerful Mach-E models currently make 346 horsepower (258 kW) and 428 lb-ft of torque (580 Nm). The GT takes that up to 480 hp and 600 lb-ft (813 Nm). The Performance Edition makes the same horsepower and 634 lb-ft (860 Nm) instead. 

One drawback of the GT model is the driving range. The EPA-estimated range is 250 miles for the regular GT and 235 miles for the Performance Edition. That's the lowest of all the extended range (or large battery pack) Mach-E models. The starting price for the Mach-E GT is $60,500. 

If you want to read the whole email or check out the Mach-E Club forum, click here

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