My jaw dropped when the veil dropped revealing the fantastic looking Genesis X concept coupe, but then it started rising back into its normal position as I read through the press release. The blurb went on about how awesome the design is and why the car looks the way it does, but it also announced that the vehicle was purely a study whose aim was to preview the brand’s future design direction and nothing more.

And I thought that was that - the images of myself actually driving this vehicle on the road slowly faded and I drifted back into reality. Well, it looks like there may still be reason to dream (if you’re like me and you absolutely loved this concept) because of an interesting tweet posted on the official Genesis account. The tweet says

If you would reserve the Genesis X with a $1,000 deposit, leave us a comment. Our President & CEO Mark Del Rosso wants to know. #JustAsking #GenesisXConcept

Now this may not be a sign of clear plans to put it into production, but it is a sign that in spite of what was clearly written in the press release, Genesis is actually considering doing a production version of this. Looks aside, we imagine that if the company did, in fact, build the X, it would remain true to the concept and be a fully-electric vehicle.

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If we extrapolate a bit more, we suspect this vehicle would be a kind of halo model, a poster vehicle for the entire Genesis brand (which has achieved a lot in its five years as its own automaker). And Genesis wants to be perceived as a maker of electric and electrified vehicles - it makes perfect sense for the series version of the X to be a BEV.

Furthermore, it is also worth noting that the X is the third Genesis-badged concept. All three concepts so far have been coupes - quite different coupes, but all of them cool looking two-door cars. Genesis doesn’t have a coupe in its lineup at the moment, but someone in its design department or among its high-ranking execs clearly wants to add one to the lineup - maybe that person is CEO Mark Del Rosso himself and, if so, we hope he succeeds.

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