Peugeot recently revealed what has to be Europe’s best looking new hatchback. Sadly, its reveal also came with an announcement that the French giant was not going to launch a hot hatch version, yet now we have information it’s planning a BEV variant that’s just two years away.

Now we know what you’re thinking - this is another half-baked ICE vehicle turned EV, but Peugeot would argue against that point, saying it developed the platform it sits on with pure-EVs in mind too. And we recently experienced the petit e-208, the fully-electric version of the popular 208 hatchback, and were hugely impressed by its blend of style, driving dynamics, gadgets and range.

That’s why the prospect of an electron-powered 308 is very appealing to us - the e-208 is one of the best small electric cars you can currently buy in Europe - it may very well be the best, it’s just not the longest range model, as that distinction goes to the Renault Zoe and range is an important topic for EV buyers on the Old Continent.

Gallery: Peugeot 308

And currently the e-208 is the quickest and most powerful 208 variant on sale, so it’s safe to assume that the upcoming e-308 will also be the range topping model of the new 308 lineup. We don’t, however, have too much information about the e-308, other than the fact that it is in the works and we’re probably going to see it debut in 2023.

However, even though in the past the 308 and its Citroen equivalent, the C4, were mechanically very similar, this no longer applies for the latest versions of both models. The new 308 rides on the EMP2 platform, whereas the C4 (which is now a crossover, not a traditional hatchback) is actually built atop the CMP platform. And while currently the EMP2 architecture does not support full-EV powertrains (only plug-in hybrids), Peugeot will launch a variation of this platform in 2023, called e-VMP, and that will support pure-electric models.

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