Peugeot revealed the new 308 hatchback earlier this month with two plug-in hybrid options, gas, and diesel engine options. Although, according to a report from Autocar, there will soon be mild-hybrid and all-electric options as well. On a sad note, there will not be a range-topping Peugeot Sport Engineered (PSE) hot hatch. 

Peugeot recently announced that the brand is shifting upmarket and according to Product boss Jérôme Micheron, the 308 is a “key player” in those plans. The brand wants to broaden the 308’s appeal with many powertrain offerings. Micheron explains that: 

"We want to give the customer the power of choice, because the market is evolving so fast but we want to have the right answers," he said. "We're launching the new 308 with petrol and diesel, we've already decided a roadmap in which we will launch MHEV and we also have a plan for an EV offer on the 308.”

The automaker will be using the existing EMP2 platform, but thanks to the Stellantis merger, they have a few electric motor options. The likely powertrain choice is a 50-kWh battery pack that will provide about 150 miles of range and charges up to 100 kW. Launching in 2023 is the company’s new eVMP electric platform dedicated for hybrids and EVs. Micheron said more powerful EVs will be built on the upcoming platform. 

PEUGEOT 308 PHEV interior

Micheron explained that due to emissions regulations and low sales predictions, a 300-hp PSE plug-in version probably won’t happen: 

"It's still under assessment, but the market has been shrinking very significantly," explained Micheron. "We're considering some options for PSE products, but today we don't see that much volume for a very powerful engine, and when you look at CO2 regulations and limitations, we're not sure that's the right foundation for the performance vehicle.” 

Last month, Autocar reported that the 308 would get the same all-wheel drive plug-in hybrid powertrain found in the 3008 SUV.  As cool as that sounds it doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

"There's also the question of a hybrid and the weight of the vehicle, so we're not that confident today about bringing a 308 PSE to market,” Micheron explained. He, however, also mentioned that there are plans for a second PSE-badged car to replace the 308 PSE, it will be influenced by the brand’s neo-performance group.  

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