Lion Electric has received a purchase order from Pride Group Enterprises (Pride) for the acquisition of 100 battery-electric trucks (Lion6 and Lion8 models), which is the largest single order up to date.

As we recall, previously the company announced deals for 50 trucks for the Canadian National Railway and 60 electric school buses.

In the case of the latest order for 100 electric trucks, most of them will be delivered in 2021, and the remaining part in 2022.

"Pride will be integrating the all-electric trucks into its existing logistics, full maintenance, leasing, rental and equipment retail operations throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as deploying them with a selection of its fleet management clients. The majority of the trucks are expected to be delivered to Pride during 2021, with the remainder of deliveries expected to take place in 2022."

The Lion6 model is a Class 6 truck with a battery capacity of up to 252 kWh for up to 180 miles (290 km), and a 250 kW/2,500 Nm electric drive system.

The bigger Lion8 is a Class 8 truck. Its battery capacity can be as high as 336 kWh for up to 170 miles (274 km) of range. The electric drive unit is rated at 350 kW and 3,400 Nm peak.

According to Lion Electric's website, the offer includes also a Lion8 - Tractor (semi) with a battery pack of up to 653 kWh and range up to 260 miles (418 km). The power and torque output in this model stands at up to 500 kW and 2,200 Nm.

Pride Group Enterprises CEO, Sam Johal said:

“Partnering with Lion on our zero-emission heavy-duty trucking efforts gives Pride the unique advantage of deploying these vehicles on the road in the very short term, and significantly contributes to our goal of 100% electric vehicles, while gaining valuable experience in zero-emission operations. The ability to offer truly zero-emission freight to our customers is a huge step for our business and environment. Along with the support from one of our long-tern financial partners Hitachi Capital, we are excited about partnering with a Canadian EV OEM and promoting the Canadian brand, in the North American market.”

To date, Lion Electric has delivered more than 300 electric heavy-duty vehicles in North America and its manufacturing facility in Canada has a capacity to produce approximately 2,500 electric trucks per year.

Soon the company intends to build also its own battery-pack manufacturing plant in Quebec.

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