Porsche is taking a very important page from Tesla's playbook, and it appears to be quite impressive. Future-proofing just makes sense. However, Porsche Taycan owners will have to schedule a service visit to get the update, and it will take a few days.

When we talk about Tesla, we often mention its over-the-air software updates. While the fact that these updates happen remotely is the icing on the cake, what's arguably more important is that they keep Tesla's vehicles up-to-date, and basically future-proof.

For example, while your two-year-old Tesla Model 3 won't have the refreshed model's black-out exterior trim or new interior enhancements and hardware, it will have many of the most recent software updates at virtually all times, since Tesla can push the latest version to older cars.

Porsche is doing just that with its 2020 Taycan. The Taycan was updated in September, heading into the 2021 model year. Buyers who took delivery prior to the update will now be able to benefit from the update's long list of features. Porsche will offer the software update free of charge across the globe. The automaker says:

"It includes improvements to driving dynamics, new intelligent charging functions, additional functions for the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system and additional Porsche Connect features."

If your Taycan has the available adaptive air suspension, the update will add Porsche's new Smartlift system, which lets you set your Taycan to automatically adjust ride height while you're driving. An optimized chassis control function reduces slip and improves acceleration.

Other updates include improvements to the Taycan's Charging Planner feature, a Battery-Saving Charging function, a more fine-tuned navigation system, Apple Podcasts, Apple Music Lyrics, and much more.

It's important to note that Taycan owners will have to schedule an appointment and visit a service center to get the update, which will take two business days to complete. Porsche explains:

"Owners will be contacted by PCNA and a dealer visit will be arranged at a time is convenient to them, with the offer of a loaner car if required. The update is free of charge to the owner, and is expected to take two business days to complete."

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