While we may certainly be curious about the upcoming Ford F-150 EV’s specs, another question still looms: will Ford keep the full-width light bar for the front end, or will the manufacturer opt for a more toned down design? Well, we don’t know yet, but we have a fresh batch of spy photos for you to look over and try to spot it.

We can’t quite make out if this prototype/mule caught by our spies has the light bar, but we can certainly say it has a big electric motor in the back, as well as no visible tailpipes. Our spies also point out that the heavy camouflage covering the entire vehicle had one cutout exactly where the fuel filler cap would be on the ICE F-150. This either suggests the camo was reused from an older gas-burning prototype or the F-150 EV’s charge port will be located in the same spot.

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The vehicle itself is unmistakably a 14th generation F-150 and this particular example had the SuperCrew cab with the short bed. Taking a closer look, it also appears that it’s riding on some unique wheels that were painted or wrapped in black to hide their design - they could be aero wheels specifically designed to help the electric F-150 achieve more range.

The wheels could also just be repurposed from a different model Ford, used just for testing, so don’t hold your breath to see them on the production model. We don’t exactly know when Ford will show us more of the electric F-150, but if you want to read every single tidbit of information we have about it right now, check out our lengthy, detailed article about it.

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