The Hot Wheels remote control 1:10 scale Tesla Cybertruck will soon be in the hands of those who preordered it last year. If you didn't and want one, sorry, it's currently sold out. 

People who ordered it have gotten an email notification about the upcoming delivery: 


Mattel has also released a Tips and Tricks video (see below) for owners to check out. The video goes over installing a plastic bumper cover and how to charge the Cybertruck's battery. It also covers how to make adjustments on the remote controller and how to activate Chill and Insane modes. The video recommends using the less powerful Chill mode for practice before turning on the more powerful Insane mode. Although, one of the neatest things in the video is the big protector case the Cybertruck comes in. It almost looks like something an expensive camera would use. 

Hot Wheels R/C Tesla Cybertruck 1:10 Scale case
The neat protective case for the Hot Wheels R/C Tesla Cybertruck 1:10 Scale.

During the video, the presenter explains that once your R/C Cybertruck runs out of battery, you must turn the truck off first, then the controller, and never the other way around. I wonder why that is. Will it burst into flames if you don't? 

Here is the description from the Hot Wheels Collectors website: 

What happens when you take the fearless innovation of Tesla and pair it with the outrageous daredevil spirit of Hot Wheels? You get the 1:10 Hot Wheels R/C Cybertruck with all the sleekness and versatility of the full-size vehicle, but without waiting until you can park it in your driveway! Every functioning detail will blow your mind and put you ‘behind the wheel’ of this science fiction-inspired, hobby grade-radio-controlled vehicle that is off-road and rugged terrain capable. So, buckle up and kick it into Chill or Sport mode to go up to 250mph scale speed with its all-wheel drive with proportional steering to grip the tarmac and hug every curve. The Tonneau “vault” cover opens to reveal interior details true to its life-size inspiration.

Here are the key features included:

  • Functioning headlights and taillights to maintain visibility
  • All-wheel drive featuring Chill or Sport modes
  • Tonneau “Vault” cover
  • Telescopic tailgate that folds out into loading ramp
  • Removeable plastic body to reveal interior and access internal battery and drivetrain system
  • Reusable cracked window vinyl sticker
  • 9.6v @ 3Ah LiFePO4 model, with one hour of charge time and 30 minutes of run time

The reusable cracked window sticker is a hilarious feature and the telescopic tailgate is a really cool idea. Charging time is one hour, let's hope the real Cybertruck charges faster than that. 

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In case you missed it, the Hot Wheels R/C 1:64 scale Tesla Cybertruck has already been delivered to customers and was found in some Target stores. 



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