The Hyundai Ioniq 5 was really well received by most of the EV world. The Kia EV6 has a more polarizing design: people either hate it or love it. Despite the styling differences, both cars share the E-GMP platform, which would make them drive in a very similar manner. Although no test drives have been offered so far, The Auto Vision YouTube channel decided to compare both cars in this video.

What the video achieves is mostly to present the aesthetic differences these cars present inside and out. It spends quite a long time describing them with the help of an automatic voice-over, which makes the video a bit tedious to follow.

This Video Compares The Hyundai Ioniq 5 To The Kia EV6

When it comes to the part that matters the most, the video explains why some of the performance details of the Ioniq 5 are a bit inferior to those the EV6 presents: development time. According to The Auto Vision, Tesla’s presentation of the Model Y in Korea made Hyundai rush with the Ioniq 5 presentation. The original plan was to present it only by summer.

In a way, that is still what may happen. Hyundai just opened up pre-orders for the car and has not started deliveries. The company will probably wait until all tests are properly finished to offer a robust vehicle to its customers. Why would it allow its clients to become testers and discover issues on their own, right? That could damage the company’s and the car’s reputations. First adopters will always face more issues than everybody else, but they do not have to suffer because of that.

In the end, what the video presented was that both the EV6 and the Ioniq 5 should offer the same performance numbers. The differences will probably be limited to features, trim levels, suspension setups, steering feel, and other elements most drivers will most likely ignore. When it comes to charging, both cars should offer the same speeds.

Without driving these EVs, there’s not much anyone can say about what sets them apart, especially if they have the same underpinnings. Hopefully, The Auto Vision will be among the first channels to actually drive them to provide a more substantial comparison.

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