The electric Ford Mustang Mach-E soon might get some companionship at the Cuautitlan production site in Mexico.

We already heard about an EV that is supposed to share the Mach-E platform. According to the most recent Ford Authority article, there are currently two additional electric models planned for the Cuautitlan plant.

The rumor is about two crossovers - one Ford and one Lincoln, which would be quite interesting. Lincoln has no BEV yet.

"In fact, future Ford EV plans already include two additional mid-size electric crossovers – which will be built alongside the Mach-E at the Ford Cuautitlan Assembly Plant in Mexico."

An interesting part is that the manufacturer already changed its plans in terms of location several times. Ford Authority points out that initially, the plan was for Cuautitlan, then it changed to Ford Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan, then to Ford Ohio Assembly Plant, and then again to Cuautitlan.

Anyway, according to the report, the new cars have the internal code names: CDX746 and CDX747. The size will be comparable with the Lincoln Nautilus.

They might enter production in late 2022/early 2023 and be launched in 2023. That's basically two years from now, at the earliest.

The expansion of the all-electric portfolio and utilization of the Cuautitlan plant sounds reasonable and is not surprising for us in any way.

Once the electrification progresses, Ford will have to gradually electrify all its models and plants anyway and BEV models will be a common sight on most assembly lines in North America.

The same thing is happening also in Europe, where the direction was already announced and most of the cars will be electrified in this decade. We guess that the transition from ICE to BEVs will be completed in the next decade.

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