Even though the Mercedes-Benz EQS flagship electric sedan will undeniably steal the headlines, the smaller and more affordable EQE will surely be the more popular of the two. It will be revealed not long after the EQS and based on the spy photos that we’ve been posting for months now, it looks like a shrunken version of the larger car.

In the most recent batch of photos we received from our spies, the EQE is still hidden by psychedelic camouflage. What’s different about this particular prototype is that it finally gets what appear to be the final production rear light clusters, well, part of them anyway, because they too are obscured by the camouflage.

Gallery: 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQE sedan spy photos

And while the EQE may look like a smaller EQS, there are some differences, such as the position of the third brake light. On the EQE, it is located on the trunk lid, whereas on the EQS it can be found on the upper part of the rear screen - this is because the EQE is a sedan, not a liftback like the EQS.

If you look more closely, and also have a gallery of EQS photos to toggle back and forth to, you will also notice the EQE’s different, more compact proportions. Under the skin, though, both vehicles will be very similar, as they are built atop the same MEA dedicated EV platform.

We will get to see the larger EQS first, as it is expected to debut later this year, but we will apparently also see the production version of the EQE too. Just like with the EQS, there will also be an EQE SUV too. The EQE sedan is believed to debut IAA 2021, which is expected to be held in Munich in September of this year.

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