Recycling a Tesla Model S with a V8 engine is probably the best way Rich Benoit found to show Tesla should sell components for lower prices and not cut supercharging to keep these vehicles running. The youtuber now announced it has been properly baptized: its name is ICE-T, for Internal Combustion-Engined Tesla.

Steven Salowsky came up with the name, which helped it not be named Angela, a character from Westworld played by Talulah Riley, one of Elon Musk’s ex-wives. Both names show the divorce process between Tesla and Benoit was not properly smooth. When ICE-T is ready, we do not doubt the youtuber starts his own “The Alimony Tour,” just like John Cleese did after divorcing Alyce-Faye Eichelberger.

V8 Tesla Model S Has A Name: ICE-T, Internal Combustion-Engined Tesla

Apart from telling us the final name for his car, Benoit showed that the guys at the Electrified Garage are giving him a hand in the build process. And they are having a lot of work with the wiring harnesses.

Benoit removed the front Autopilot camera and all the unnecessary wires from the car to make it lighter and less complex. That makes a lot of sense: why would a car powered by a V8 have a high-voltage wiring harness?

Since the Model S Benoit is using for this project was in a flood, he also had to replace the seat belts and the car speakers. Another interesting aspect of ICE-T is the sound-deadening material they are adding to it. The engine and the transmission will make this Model S a deafening one.

So far, Benoit has not presented all the hard work Josh must be having to adapt the LS3 and all the components it needs to the car. We are also curious to see where they plan to install the fuel tank and the fuel filler neck. Will it be in the charging port?


The video ends promising to bring more news on the V8 project whenever there is news worth telling. And also promising a video with the Xpeng P7. The tweet above tells us Benoit enjoyed driving it.

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