Mercedes-Benz is launching a full-on electric vehicle offensive by creating what is essentially a parallel range of EVs that mostly mirrors its lineup of ICE models. Not every single ICE model has a corresponding EQ model, but most do, including the E-Class sedan whose electric equivalent is the EQE.

Seen here undergoing testing in Germany, still under heavy camouflage and not wearing its production rear lights, the EQE looks pretty much identical to the EQS, at least for now. Neither of the two vehicles has yet to be revealed, but with all that camo on, you’d be hard-pressed to tell them apart if they were not parked alongside one another.

Mercedes has started peeling away the camouflage on the EQS, and we also got to see that model’s production design for the rear light clusters. In a recent set of photos, we saw the EQS’ middle part (the massive greenhouse and the doors) completely free of camo, emphasizing its quite different proportions to those of the gas-burning S-Class.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz EQE new spy photos

Yet this makes us wonder just how much Mercedes is doing to differentiate the EQE from the EQS in terms of design. Based on the camouflaged prototypes we’ve been seeing for over a year, they appear even more similar than the C-Class and E-Class. Granted, the camouflage may be deceiving and unique details that differentiate the two models more may lie under it.

And while the EQS has been grabbing most headlines because it is going to be the flagship non-SUV EQ model, the cheaper, smaller EQE deserves its fairs hare of attention. It will mostly offer the same powertrain, battery and tech as the EQS, but in a smaller footprint vehicle that will be cheaper to buy. We will get to see the EQS this year and the EQE is said to debut in 2022.

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