Carver has been relatively silent since we last spoke about it in August 2019. However, it did not bother solely with manufacturing and selling its electric trike to some European markets. Among the news it has, the most relevant is that the company has a new trike to sell. Called Cargo, it will allow couriers to have fun while delivering goods because it still tilts.

Carver Cargo Is An Electric Trike For Couriers To Have Fun While Working

The Carver Cargo has 500 liters (17.7 cubic feet) of room in its trunk, and its cargo area is insulated, which allows it to deliver hot or cold merchandise. While the tilting mechanism may be bad for food and beverages – unless it is a properly sealed milkshake cup – it may do well with cargo that is not sensitive to movement.

Carver Cargo Is An Electric Trike For Couriers To Have Fun While Working

Presented last October 2, the Cargo is 98 cm (38.6 inches) wide – or 10 cm wider than the regular Carver – and it costs €9,990 ($11,909 according to the current exchange rate). That’s only €10 more than the electric trike if you do not choose a Carver Comfort or a Carver Sport, which cost €10,970 ($13,077). The Carver Limited is a version for disabled people that costs €8,990.

Carver Cargo Is An Electric Trike For Couriers To Have Fun While Working

Cargo deliveries will start by the end of April in only two colors: black or white. The regular Carver has four colors: white, grey, tangerine, and blue. Both trikes use the same 5.3 kWh battery pack, which gives them a range of 100 km (62 mi). Nigel Pond got the first Carver in the UK and made a range test in relatively cold weather.

He got 50 miles of range, which is not bad for 7ºC (44.6ºF). At 23ºC (73.4ºF), it should meet what the company says it can achieve. The Carver weighs 330 kg, and it is 2.89 m (113.8 in) long and 1.49 m (58.7 in) tall. The top speed is limited to 45 km/h (28 mph).

Apart from the new version, Carver is also producing the trike in South Korea in partnership with a company called iEV. The company went public in spring 2020 and has recently secured €1.5 million at the NPEX stock exchange. We wonder if it will ever sell in the US or a faster version of the trike, with more speed and more range.

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