Some people love motorcycles but avoid them because of safety and comfort. Some love cars but see no point in driving one-ton machines to work every day on their own. Most now realize that electric cars ensure cleaner air but cannot afford them. This is what Nimbus plans to solve with the Halo.

This little machine promises to be as rational as a motorcycle to use, as safe and convenient as a car, and as clean as any other EV around. In fact, it promises to be a lot more efficient than the current EVs for sale, but we’ll get there.

Nimbus Halo Offers The Best Of Three Worlds In A Single EV

Sandy Munro already said that two wheels are better than three or four in terms of efficiency. However, he did not feel motorcycles are a safe alternative. The Nimbus Halo offers a tiny frontal area with very narrow tires, which should make it really aerodynamic.

Look at it, and you’ll probably see a covered Piaggio MP3 or Yamaha Tricity. Just like the Carver, it tilts when it drives, but the Halo has a higher top speed – 50 mph, or 80 km/h. Nimbus ensures the Halo has nothing to do with any of these vehicles. Lihang Nong, the company’s founder, told InsideEVs more about its balancing system.

“Nimbus Balance is developed completely in-house and quite different from the motorcycle and scooter-based tilting vehicles like the MP3 and Tricity. Our vehicles are driven with a steering wheel, and the driver does not need to countersteer or balance the vehicle.”

Nimbus Halo Offers The Best Of Three Worlds In A Single EV

The Nimbus Halo does not seem much longer than a car is wide in the picture above. That’s not the case: it will be 2.3 meters (90.6 inches) long.  If you park it facing the sidewalk, it should exceed the parking spot's width a little bit.

Self-balancing will allow the Halo to be just 0,81 meter (31.9 inches) wide and a lot less resistant to airflow than other EVs. Nimbus expects it to achieve a 370 MPGe energy consumption – 11 mi/kWh. In Europe and Canada, that would be 5.6 kWh/100 km. Just for a quick comparison, the Aptera would be able to deliver 10 mi/kWh.

Nimbus Halo Offers The Best Of Three Worlds In A Single EV

That sort of efficiency allows it to have a small battery pack: 8.1 kWh. With that, it can travel 78 miles (126 km) and weighs 290 kg (639 lb). The Halo will have the option to get a 12.4 kWh battery pack for a range of 119 mi (191 km). The weight then rises to 315 kg (695 lb).

Don’t think the body is just to protect the driver and the rear passenger from rain, snow, and other bad weather examples. It will be made of high-strength steel and aluminum alloys with a thermoplastic shell to be light and safe at the same time. Nimbus promises that the Halo will have three airbags – front and curtain units – side impact bars, automated emergency braking, ABS, traction control, and lane departure warning.

Nimbus Halo Offers The Best Of Three Worlds In A Single EV

When it comes to pricing, Nimbus said the Halo would have the option for air-conditioning – heating will be standard – and a touchscreen. It will cost $6,420, but customers will also have the option to rent one for as low as $99 a month if they decide to pay for it annually ($1,188).

If you prefer to pay twice a year, the price raises to $129 per month (two payments of $774, for a total of $1,548). You can also pay for it each month, at $149 – $1,788 for the whole year. According to Nong, reservations will reopen by late summer or early fall “with expected deliveries by mid to end of next year.”

Nimbus Halo Offers The Best Of Three Worlds In A Single EV

On its reservation page on the website, we see the company has plans to sell it worldwide. According to it, deliveries will start by mid-2022 in the US and Europe, while Latin America will get the Halo by late 2022. Asia will receive it in early 2023. Nong said he can’t comment on funding or manufacturing right now but promised to keep us posted. Will the Nimbus Halo become the EV for the masses?

Hat tip to Daniel Moorhouse!

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