After the record sales result in January, NIO has achieved also a relatively strong result of 5,578 units sold in February.

It's of course less than in the previous two months, but we have to include that February is the month of the biggest holiday of the year in China (the majority of the employees receive seven days off work - some even two times more than that).

Anyway, compared to the previous year, with a very low base of 707 units, NIO is actually surging up by 689% year-over-year. The February result is also already 1,740 higher than in the entire Q1 2020.

Sales by model:

  • ES6 (5-seat SUV): 2,216 (up 230% year-over-year)
  • EC6 coupe version of the ES6: 2,035 (new)
  • ES8 (7- or 6-seat SUV): 1,327 (up almost 36x year-over-year from a very low level)
  • Total: 5,578 - (up 689% year-over-year)

NIO sales in China – February 2021


So far this year NIO significantly increased its electric car deliveries:

  • ES6: 4,936
  • EC6: 4,880
  • ES8: 2,987
  • Total: 12,803 (up 455% year-over-year)

The sales forecast for Q1 is 20,000-20,500.

Cumulative sales reached 88,444.







An interesting bit of additional info is that the company is busy increasing manufacturing capacity of its EVs at JAC-NIO production base in Hefei, China.

The plan is to have a single shift capacity of 150,000 units per year by the end of 2021 (300,000 at two shifts).


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