The new 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV is slightly improved over the outgoing 2021 model year version, and with the new MSRP (finally) is one of the most affordable BEVs on the market (especially in terms of price per mile of range).

Let's take a look at the changes in the new Bolt EV with Out of Spec Reviews' Kyle Conner, who had an opportunity to check the car out soon after the unveiling.

The list of changes includes a new exterior design, which might be considered more futuristic. There are new front lights and new rear lights. Interestingly, the 2022 Bolt EV has brake lights and turn signals in the bumper instead of the hatch.

Inside, there are new materials, more of them are soft touch. There are new, slightly improved seats (but still not great according to the review), a new 10.2" infotainment system, a new steering wheel (supporting adaptive cruise control) and a new "shifter" in the form of buttons.

Mechanically, the changes are minor. Chevrolet added a washer fluid level sensor. The brake light, related to the regenerative braking, will stay on when the car stops using one-pedal driving.

The on-board charging power is a decent 11 kW, which is great, but the peak DC fast charging power remains at 55 kW (not too much compared to the 65 kWh battery pack).

Overall, the new Bolt EV is a great entry-level small electric car to consider. Those looking for more equipment and slightly more space can check out the all-new Chevrolet Bolt EUV.

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