Nextmove was fast to tell us more about the issues presented by the Chinese Model 3 with an . It charged at very low power, which was even worse in cold temperatures, and the display did not present trustworthy information about the range. After Tesla released the 2021.4.10 update for it, Nextmove tested it again and concluded most issues were solved.

The major improvement relates to charging speed. Now, the LFP battery pack can keep speeds above 160 kW for a long time. After 15 minutes of charging, the Model 3 already has half of its range back.

That probably happened because the ideal battery pack’s charging temperature raised to around 40ºC (104ºF). It is widely known that batteries do not like cold temperatures to work, which seems to be even more evident with the LFP cells.

Tesla Update Solves Most Of The LFP Model 3 Issues In Europe

With this higher temperature, the battery pack does not lose so much performance on the road. One of Nextmove’s advantages is to be able to test the cars in autobahns. Stefan Moeller managed to drive the Chinese Model 3 at speeds of about 200 km/h (124 mph) for a long time without concerns.

What still needs to be solved is how the car presents its range information. Close to the end of the charging process, it jumped 7 percent up to display 100 percent of charge all of a sudden. That used to happen when the battery charge was below half. It would drop in an instant and scare customers. Some reported being stranded due to that.

Nextmove stresses that Tesla still has the bad habit of using its customers to test technology that should have already been tested before reaching their hands. Despite that, it would be able to fix issues really fast with over-the-air updates. We invite our Chinese readers that already have the 2021.4.10 update to share the improvements with us.

If future updates fix all the problems with the Chinese Model 3 units, Moeller suggests it can attract many customers because the vehicle has a much higher build quality than that which comes from Fremont. Considering that one will also get the LFP battery, the Model 3 made at Giga Shanghai tends to be the preferred option worldwide.

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