A Tesla police pursuit vehicle isn't anything new. Some U.S. and European law enforcement departments currently have some in service. But what about Canada? Youtuber DaxM found one in Canada that was created by a Tesla owner. It's not anything official, but he enlisted the help of a police officer for advice and hopes this will convince Canadian police departments to get one. 

In his email to us, the creator of the video wrote:

"His plan is to present the proof of concept to several Canadian police services around the country, starting with the greater Toronto area. There’s been plenty of interest to his idea so far, and they haven’t even seen the car yet."

From the outside, the 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range looks like any other Model 3. Until the lights are turned on. The owner, Cyril Wheeler, installed red and blue police lights around the entire EV, even on the sides. A loud police horn and siren were also installed. 

On the inside, you will quickly notice a police radio and a small platform for a laptop. A push bar, roof-mounted lights, or anything else can be added but the owner is going for an undercover look. 

Tesla Model 3 - Bargersville Police Department (source: Todd Bertram)
Tesla Model 3 - Bargersville Police Department (source: Todd Bertram)

The owner thinks a Tesla Model 3 would be a more viable choice versus a Model S because of the price. He thinks a Tesla would save law enforcement money and it's a safe and comfortable vehicle as well. Not to mention, better for the environment. 

Everything else on the Model 3 is stock including the suspension, but that can of course be modified by law enforcement if they choose to. Nothing the owner did void the warranty. This police Model 3 is basically a proof of concept as they say in the video. 

What do you all think of a Tesla police car, is it a good idea? If so, what are some of the drawbacks? 

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