Tesla Smart Summon, a software feature that allows one to summon a Tesla car to the driver in a parking lot, caused an unexpected event.

A woman, from another car, saw the summoned Tesla Model 3 moving without the driver and probably thought that it's a "runaway", a car rolling away without control. She immediately ran to stop the car.

Here is the explanation from the author of the video:

"I was just leaving a restaurant in West Chester, PA and was summoning my Tesla Model 3. A Woman saw my Tesla moving without someone in the vehicle, she had thought that my vehicle was rolling away. She ran to catch the car and started pressing on the front left pillar to stop it. As soon as I saw what was occurring, I stopped the Tesla. Obviously the lady was very embarrassed. But I thought it was so nice of her to go well out of her way to prevent what she thought was a disaster, but also very funny." - Thyhack

This particular video is quite interesting because we are afraid that we will see tons of similar situations before all people become familiar with the fact that more and more cars might have features to move/drive without the driver inside.

In some cases, it might actually be dangerous to those who will take off to rescue the car, like the brave woman in the video.

Maybe then there should be a specific sign to indicate summoning? A light or acoustic signal?

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