Winter sets in and YouTubers race to cover , along with range and charging in cold temps. However, this ice racing content is exponentially more entertaining.

Would you take your Tesla out onto a frozen lake? We're honestly just glad no one got hurt or broke through the ice. It's certainly fun to watch, but we'll leave the driving to Kyle Conner, or in this particular case, Drew Peterson. Anyone have a friend in Hollywood looking for a couple of stunt drivers?

Jokes aside, our own contributor and video producer Kyle Conner recently met up with Drew Peterson from Martian Wheels. This was a chance to rip the Model 3 Performance around an ice racing track in Georgetown, Colorado, with Track Mode V2.

If you follow our videos and Conner's other channels, you've probably seen him beat the heck out of his cars. In the past, we shared videos of Kyle racing on salt flats, dealing with crazy off-road conditions, and driving a Smart electric car like a Porsche 911. However, arguably none of those videos can top this crazy footage.

As you can see, the video begins with Conner standing next to a Model 3, and several other cars, on some very slippery ice (he slips and nearly falls while presenting). The Model 3 Performance is wearing non-studded tires on purpose. If it can't slip and slide freely, what's the point? Perhaps Kyle needs some studded boots.

Conner explains Tesla Track Mode V2 in detail, as well as regenerative braking, and how these features will impact ice driving and testing. Drew takes us through the settings before the fun begins. 

Words can't properly express the entertainment value of this video. So, we'll leave you to watch it all for yourself. When you're done, start a conversation in our comment section below.

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