Sandy Munro does not want a Tesla Cybertruck solely for its off-road abilities or due to the stainless steel body being easy to keep. In his conversation with InsideEVs, the engineer also revealed that he is a hunter. As such, he is very fond of one of the stainless steel body’s main promises: resisting gunshots.

“I used to go hunting a lot (before the pandemic), and all hunters are worried about stray bullets. I heard through the grapevine that the stainless steel that they got will deflect the bullet. If something like that happened, I wouldn’t want to find a hole in my car. I’m pretty happy about the stainless steel, and I think the aluminum frame is going to be a must.”

In fact, said at the Cybertruck presentation that the stainless steel body could withstand a 9 mm shot, as you can see in the video below. As long as this is the biggest caliber used in any given hunt, Munro will have his desire for a car immune to stray bullets fulfilled.

Munro talked about that when he explained that the Cybertruck should probably be a different kind of body-on-frame vehicle instead of one solely based on a stressed-skin structure. He also told InsideEVs about the impact driving had on the road trip he and Cory Steuben took recently, and a nice story to represent that.

“I’ve never driven anything quite like the Model 3. Cory and I are both wondering why we are still driving (ICE cars)... We went on that road trip and we came back after 11 days. I had to get a COVID-19 test because the rule at our company is that if you go on a road for any length of time you have to isolate for three days and to get a COVID-19 test on your first day back. So I went to get my test with my Jeep on a Sunday morning.”

What followed was a powerful insight for Munro.

“I stepped on the accelerator and I was going: ‘What the… What’s wrong? There’s something wrong with my car! The car is not going.’ That’s because I was used to the unbelievable pickup that you would get with an electric vehicle. I was plenty happy with the way it was before. There’s an old expression that says: ‘A taste of honey is worse than none at all.’ That’s kind of what happened. I got that taste of honey. I had that taste of speed and instant torque and I got nothing when I stepped on the accelerator of my Jeep.”

That led them to a fundamental question.

“Both Cory and I thought the same thing. Why am I driving this thing? I’m going to wait for the Cybertruck and I’ll probably make a switch.”

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