Xpeng yesterday shipped the second batch of more than 200 G3 electric crossover/SUVs to Norway, which together with the 100 units in December, translates to over 300 total.

Norway is the first stop in Xpeng's European expansion, but possibly not the last. A lot depends on how well the Chinese EVs will be received in the longer term.

"The Company is dedicated to bringing more innovative and localized features to customers, and is taking a differentiated and focused approach with a strong long-term commitment to building its international presence."

Xpeng G3 Deliveries In Norway
Xpeng G3 Deliveries In Norway

In Norway, Xpeng G3 starts at 358,000 NKr (approx. EUR 33,700 / GBP 30,300 / USD 41,000). the car has a range of 451 km (280 miles) WLTP.

According to Xpeng, the feedback so far is positive and the car will soon get its first software update of the Xmart OS operating system:

"The G3s already delivered in Norway have been well received by customers, who have responded warmly to the G3’s smart features. The G3s in Norway are going to receive their first Xmart OS upgrade this month. A selection of the new or enhanced functions include: Optimized active safety assistance experience for Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Lane Centering Control (LCC), new voice commands to support the map/location function, optimized voice assistance experience for vehicle control and navigation, and optimized adaptive brightness for the control-panel."

It would be very interesting to see the Chinese EVs available widely in Europe and the U.S.

Xpeng is on the rise also in China, where monthly volume just exceeded 6,000 for the very first time.

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