Tesla keeps its promise to continue expansion into new global markets, though it does take time to reach many areas. The Silicon Valley automaker's most recent expansion is into Israel, where it officially launched the Model 3, its first car for sale in the country.

Much like the situation in China, Tesla surprised some folks with the pricing in Israel. According to a report by Teslarati, the Model 3 Standard Range Plus is priced at NIS 169,990 (about $51,500). Based on the conversion, that actually seems high, but that's not really the case in Israel's vehicle market. For comparison, based on Teslarati's report, the Hyundai Ioniq starts around NIS 136,000 ($41,200) in Israel.

Interestingly, when Tesla first starting talking about launching the Model 3 in Israel, people speculated that it would be priced starting at NIS 250,000 ($75,800). The most expensive version was expected to start at NIS 350,0000 ($106,000). However, the Model 3 Long Range (AWD) starts at just NIS 199,990 ($60,600), with the Performance model coming in at NIS 219,990 ($66,700)

While the Model 3 will certainly be more expensive than many vehicles in Israel, that's the case across the globe. In the U.S., a base Model 3 will cost you nearly $40,000, which is much more expensive than most mainstream midsize cars, and even more expensive than some luxury rivals.

With that said, people are flocking to buy the Model 3 across the globe. This is because it's the cheapest Tesla you can buy. Moreover, it is much more advanced than most of today's cars thanks to its cutting-edge technology and long list of standard features. To top it off, while the Model 3 offers engaging performance, it's also highly practical.

The refreshed Tesla Model S and Model X will be making their way to Israel as well, with prices starting at NIS 319,990 ($97,000) and 334,990 ($101,600), respectively.

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