Tesla prefers to build components on its own whenever that is possible to have unique solutions, such as the Super Manifold or the 4680 cells, which it is still developing. Atlis will not wait for a vehicle to produce its own cells. According to the company, the XT will have Atlis batteries produced with Media Tech's help.

According to its press release, this South Korean company produces equipment for battery manufacturing and has experience of more than 30 years in that field. It will be Atlis’ sole supplier for whatever it needs to manufacture its own cells.

Media Tech will help Atlis design, develop, manufacture, install, and calibrate “all machinery comprising the electrode, assembly, and formation lines required for Atlis to create a limited-run prototype battery cell production line.” There’s no information on which sort of battery Atlis intends to manufacture.


When these cells are ready, Atlis will also make its own battery packs. For that, it will rely on Greatech, a Malaysian company that will help it with “all parts, equipment, and machinery required to form Atlis’ limited-run prototype battery pack assembly line.”

According to Atlis’ CEO, Mark Hanchett, his company has “successfully designed, developed, and tested prototype battery cells and packs that meet all necessary specifications” for the Atlis XT. The plans for the electric pickup truck are that it will have a 500-mile range, which will fully charge in less than 15 minutes.

The cell and battery pack production lines would have a limited production because they are meant to verify if the “performance and quality expectations” Atlis has can be achieved. If that is the case, high-volume production lines for both the cells and the battery packs will follow so that the company can “produce millions of cells and hundreds of packs per month.”

We are yet to see a running prototype of the Atlis XT, as well as any information about its proprietary cells and battery pack. What we know is that the company plans to make a vehicle that applies the “by wire” concept even to steering, and braking, like Canoo. Hopefully, the new cell and battery pack production lines will help us finally see a prototype.

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